Hi, Everyone,

It's been a while.  I hope everyone is doing well, especially those of us in the northeastern US.  Spring seems like it's not too far away, but winter isn't through with us just yet.  Luckily the roads cleared up for most people this past Saturday, and we wound up with a great turnout back at The Emerson Hotel.  Thanks to all of you who joined us there, and thanks again to The Emerson Hotel for having us back again. 

You know, getting up the following morning seems a little more difficult than it did some twenty-plus years ago, but I've got to tell you ... it's still fun.  Later in our shows, when Kelley is singing, I try to sneak away from the stage, give the band a listen and watch everyone do what they do so well.  It's the closest I can some to being a fan and seeing what the crowd sees.  I thoroughly enjoy that precious minute or two.  I think that the fun and enjoyment that the band is having really comes through when we're performing, and I consider myself really blessed to be part of such a great group.

In a few weeks, we'll be back in northwest New Jersey.  For all of our west Jersey and eastern PA friends, we'll be back at The Brass Rail on Friday, 13 April!!!  We're looking forward to seeing you there next month.  In the meantime, keep coming back to check the schedule, or visit our Facebook page

We've got some private parties lined up for the summer, too.  Remember, you can visit our Contact Form and reach out to us about performing for your special event. 

Yes, I'm still working on more pictures and video.  The Emerson Hotel was so crowded that I didn't get the opportunity to take more photos, but I suppose that's all the more reason for you to come out and see us.  In the meantime, thanks, stay safe and keep warm. 



05 March 2018